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A Creative Twist To Your College Sleepover Party

Classes have opened in most colleges and universities in the country. The roads have become busier and traffic are a bit heavier. You’re back to drowning in coffee and late-night readings. But that’s part of a student’s life. Stress, unfortunately, is a daily risk. It’s important to learn how to manage your stress well to avoid getting ill. One key to keep you powered up through the semester is to decompress as often as you can. “Learn that taking time to yourself for rejuvenation and relaxation is just as important as giving time to other activities. At minimum, take short breaks during your busy day,” advised Dartmouth College’s Student Wellness Center.

Welcome this new semester with a fun activity with your college friends. Organize a slumber party with creative themes that include games, wine and candies and pajama party outfits. Here are 8 college slumber party ideas for you.

Charming invites

College Sleepover Charming Invites

Photo courtesy of laurenconrad.com via Pinterest

There’s something magical about spontaneous get-togethers but there’s nothing like a well-planned event. Send out invites to your college slumber party. The invites should include the event theme and whether the guests should wear certain pajama designs. Maybe onesies? Lifestyle blogger Lauren Conrad suggests designing e-invites via sites like Paperless Post and Punchbowl. “Not only will they get your guests excited with a cute little note sent straight to their email inbox, but it will also track RSVP’s for you. Fun and functional,” Lauren adds.

Champagne and sweets

College Sleepover Champagne and Sweets

Photo courtesy of Camille Styles via Pinterest

Coffee will be your daily companion in the coming months. Why not indulge in a glass of sparkling wine and a couple of donuts in your pajama party? If you have the time, you and your friends can bake your donuts and add sweet toppings of your choice. Can’t take alcohol? You can opt for sparkling water or tea instead.

Waffle bar for the morning after

College Sleepover Waffle Bar

Photo courtesy of POPSUGAR via Pinterest

A college party doesn’t necessarily need overflowing booze. You should reserve that to your summer breaks. Have a health-conscious get-together. Limit your alcohol intake and put more effort on the creative concept of your slumber party. In the morning, prepare a waffle bar as DIY breakfast. Blogger Veronica Yem suggests preparing the waffles with a Belgian waffle-maker and offering your guests a selection of toppings such as fruits, spreads, whip cream and nuts.

Fun PJs for a slumber party for adults

College Sleepover Fun PJ Slumber Party

Photo courtesy of Forever 21 via Pinterest

The creative concept of your sleepover party will either make your guests ecstatic or drowsy. Interestingly, the purpose of this event is anything but to put you to sleep. Make sure everyone is ready for a night of photo-ops by asking them to wear fun pajama designs for an adult slumber party. Some of the typical costume themes are Come As You Are and Design Your Own Cute Slumber Party Outfit.

If you want to go chic, take notes from style icon Victoria Beckham who can rock a loose-fitting pajama set in New York’s daytime scene. You can also go fun and quirky with embroidered jumpsuits and onesies.

DIY glittery chandeliers

College Sleepover DIY Glitters Chandelier

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed via Pinterest

Have a selfie-worthy pajama party by designing your room with funky décor. Hang glitter balloons all over the place like chandeliers. Simply apply liquid glue at the bottom of each balloon and sprinkle it with chunky glitter and sequins available in craft shops. You can also create glitter banners, hang mini piñatas, etc. Ask your friends to pitch in ideas.

Indoor camping site

College Sleepover Indoor Camping Site

Photo courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages via Pinterest

What are the essentials in a slumber party? You cannot do without sleeping bags, sheets or blankets, and lots of pillows. You can also use comforters or require everyone to bring their own mattress. Create an indoor camping atmosphere by transforming sheer curtains and tulles into tents. You can add sparkling Christmas lights to mimic the stars.

Old-school fun

College Sleepover Old School Fun

Photo courtesy of The Guardian via Pinterest

Your college slumber party is an opportunity to catch up with friends before the heavy school work begins. It’s more of a welcome ball for another semester ahead. Create an unforgettable experience by planning fun activities. For this night alone, you can ditch your gadgets and enjoy board games. Gaming enthusiasts review some of the best board games on Q & A website Slant. The list includes The Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride, Cosmic Encounter, Pandemic and Lords Of Waterdeep.

Do you know that playing board games benefit your health? Studies show that this leisure activity can reduce risk of anxiety, depression and stress. It can also boost your immune system by activating the body’s survival genes that make brain cells live longer.

Outdoor movie fest

College Sleepover Outdoor Movie Fest

Photo courtesy of NJ Estates Real Estate Group Weichert Realtors via Pinterest

Organize an unforgettable slumber party. Give a twist to the usual movie marathon by screening films in the garden, under the cool evening skies. You can improvise your wide screen with a plain white blanket. Bring out the comforters, sleeping bags and pillows. If you have a portable mattress or bed, this can offer extra comfort outdoors. Lit candles and Christmas lights will add cosiness in your screening area. Don’t forget the popcorn and soda!

Netflix has an amazing list of top-quality TV shows and movies. You can also binge on critically-acclaimed animated films such as Studio Ghibli’s “Only Yesterday” and “The Wind Rises”, and Makoto Shinkai’s “5 Centimeters Per Second” and “The Garden Of Words”. If your group can’t agree on what to watch, draw titles from a fishbowl.

Why should you plan a slumber party with your friends? A sleepover is a convenient and affordable alternative to going to a restaurant or bar. You wouldn’t need to deal with an overcrowded bistro, loud music and the tab. Plus, you are free to discuss any topic, from the private to the absurd. “A sleepover is a pretty good way to spend time with the people you like without having to shout over the music,” writes Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett for The Guardian. Most importantly, a slumber party is a grand chance for you to recharge before you get busy in school again.