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The Ultimate Mattress for Sleepovers

June is near but summer time isn’t over just yet! School-goers still have the chance to bond with their friends, and what better way to do that than through a sleepover or a slumber party. There’s nothing compared to the joy of being able to invade the house of a good friend, along with several others, just so that you’d joke around, watch movies, and certainly sleep for less than 8 hours. Ironically, that’s not enough sleep nor slumber for a sleepover or a slumber party.

No sleepover would be complete without a comfortable mattress like the Uratex Siesta Mattress

So many people, so few beds!

In hosting a sleepover, you need lots of food, drinks, and of course, extra mattresses. Guests can sleep on the couch or in guest rooms, but wouldn’t it be more fun if everyone was together in the same room? You might think of laying down thick blankets and maybe some comforters and such on the floor to be able to accommodate more people, but that just wouldn’t be comfortable. The best thing to have is a set of spare mattresses. You might be thinking that mattresses are too big to store and too costly to buy, but believe me, Uratex mattresses are a worthwhile investment.  And because it’s not like you have sleepovers every weekend, you might as well make the event as comfortable as possible by having quality mattresses.

Uratex provides you the ultimate mattress for sleepovers

The Uratex Fold-A-Mattress is a fun, space-saving necessity for your sleepovers!

Now, as for space, storage, and cost, a mattress does not have to be bulky nor expensive to be comfortable! I’ve shown you this plenty of times in previous articles. Uratex foam mattresses are lightweight, comfortable, and long-lasting. Their futon mattresses are especially easy to store and are not only relatively comfortable, but absolutely are. You can not only store it easily, but you can also fold and unfold it efficiently. This is great because it’s most important to tidy up after the sleepover. Be it your mom, or your own obsessive compulsion to keep things tidy, in the end, you know you gotta keep things clean. Having a light extra foam mattress helps a great deal in sleepovers. Your guests will be thankful for it, and if you have futon mattresses, you will also be grateful for its ability to be stored so easily.