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Unity in Sleep: The Pros and Cons of Co-Sleeping with Your Baby

family in bed

Nothing compares to a sleeping time with the family huddled together in one bed, sharing stories, laughs, and love. Whether you have a nice senso-memory mattress or just a plain old one, you can still be happy with the most important people in your life.

Filipino families just love co-sleeping. It makes each member more assured and secure at night. However, not all people are comfortable with this kind of set-up when sleeping, especially when babies and children are involved. Just like all things, co-sleeping has its pros and cons. If you are intrigued as to what these are, be informed by reading this article!


It makes nursing easier

Since your child is beside you, you don’t have to worry about him/her not receiving his/her needs immediately in the wee hours of the morning. This is especially helpful when you’re breastfeeding. You can easily watch over your kid and helps you sync your sleeping cycle with that of his/hers.

It helps baby sleep better

Sharing a bed with your child could do wonders for his/her sleeping cycle. It can make them fall asleep more easily and go back to sleep when they wake up throughout the night. It will help them adjust to a normal sleeping schedule and actually train them to sleep longer at night.

You’ll have more intimacy with your child

If you are a working parent and away from home during the day, this probably means that you’re not spending much time with your child. Sleeping with them at night gives you an opportunity to cuddle and be more intimate with your baby and make up for the lost hours.

sleeping with baby


It can be dangerous

Letting your baby sleep with you on an unsafe bed could be life-threatening for him/her. You might accidentally trap your baby inside the sheets and cause suffocation. One advice is to let your baby sleep near you, but not immediately beside you on the bed. This ensures that you can watch over him/her at night with the both of you still being able to sleep soundly.

It may get difficult as your child grows older

Children may become so used to this set-up that they may find it hard to sleep in their own beds when the time comes that they have to do so. Moving your child out of your room can be very challenging if he/she has found your room to be the most comfortable one to sleep in. Add to that their fear of darkness and being alone.

You may get less sleep

Sleeping with your kid might wake you up for even the smallest reasons. He/she would have the tendency to have tantrums when you attempt to transfer him/her in his/her own bed. This may deprive you of the shut-eye that you need especially if you work full-time during the day. Moreover, this could also mean less sleep for your baby because you would tend to pick him/her up at the first whimper, which is not really a good thing.

The lowdown to co-sleeping is that it can be helpful and frustrating at the same time. It can be advantageous or not, depending on the situation and training habits that you have for your child. It’s just a matter of having patience and picking up the right timing so everyone could have a good night’s sleep that you all deserve!