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“When Drowsiness Strikes!” 5 Unusual Places where People Tend to Sleep

Sleep Art

Sleep is very important for us, and we should get enough to function perfectly. This doesn’t excuse us, though, from dozing off in the wrong places! Take your neighbor’s sofa bed for example. Believe us, we don’t want to disturb you in your sweet dreams. However, if you’re out cold somewhere you shouldn’t be, then don’t blame us if we wake you milli-seconds before you kiss your crush. So don’t ever, under any circumstances, sleep on:

sofa bed 2Your Baby’s Crib

Though you should sleep like a baby from time to time, you shouldn’t take it too literally and do it on your baby’s (or any other) crib! That would be downright weird. And your infant needs his or her sleep. With you in there, he or she might not be able to sleep comfortably, especially if you snore. Besides, how are you going to fit in there?

sofa bed 3Your Dog’s (or Cat’s) House

Sleeping with your canine (or feline) buddy can be relaxing and fun. But sometimes they need time out away from you, and the one area where they can get that is their dog (or cat) house. So don’t take that away from them by spending your snooze time there, no matter how enticing their beds seem to be! Like sleeping on your baby’s crib, it’s bizarre for you to even think about it, unless you’re a kid. Shame on you, master!

sofa bed 4Your Work Desk

Dozing off in front of your computer in the middle of a busy work day won’t do, either, buddy! We know, you’re too tired and you need to take a break. But at least have the decency to take a nap somewhere more appropriate, like those lounges your office has (assuming that it does). That way, nobody in the workplace would have to put up with your snoring, and your boss won’t be pissed off.

sofa bed 5The Public Benches

A lot of bums, hobos, and vagrants took to catching some Zzz’s on park benches. But that doesn’t mean you should too. Other than the fact that nobody’s supposed to sleep in there for too long, you might get into trouble with the park’s caretakers or with the hobos themselves (they’ll fight for their “bed,” that’s for sure).

sofa bed 7The Public Restrooms

The stalls in public restrooms are off limits as well, sir! You’re supposed to use it for pooping and what not, or have you forgotten? Besides, how can doze off while sitting in some smelly toilet, with two people pooping away on your left and right with the sounds they might make,?

sofa bed 8 The Hospital Waiting Area

Those waiting areas in hospitals might seem cozy. However, unless you have an appointment, you can’t stay there, much less sleep in there. You can try, if you like some guard rousing you from your slumber and telling you to leave the premises, that is.

You need to get some shut-eye every once in a while. But that doesn’t mean you should sleep anywhere you want for crying out loud! So the next time you feel sluggish, try as much as you can to catch some Zzz’s—in your own home or bedroom!