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Have a Very Uratex Christmas

Christmas Decorated Bed MattressYou wake up on your bed, feeling the coolness of the season, even among the undisturbed air of your bedroom. After fumbling with your phone, trying to see the time, you realize how much you want some more sleep. Such low temperatures implore you to continue the slumber. You wrap your blanket and comforter around yourself, and you let out a moan of satisfaction as you nuzzle your cheeks to the pillow which you have just flipped around to its cool side.

Ah yes. It’s Christmas! It’s the season where the majority of you (and including me, personally) enjoy the ease of our beds and comforters because of the solace it gives you from the pleasantly cold weather. The season’s spirit is around in the sensory aspect, obviously, but one thing might be missing in your bed set this Christmas season.


Something to go with the times.Bed Matress Christmas Makeover

Have you ever thought of giving your bed and pillows a Christmas makeover? I deem it only appropriate in such times. After all, if you’re going to enjoy the season in your consciousness, you might as well also enjoy it at times when you’re asleep, so at least the Christmas spirit is with you all the time. Wearing a red Santa hat while sleeping isn’t bad at all, for it salutes the Christmas season. But you know what you can do to further your love for this blessed Holiday? You can your regular sheets, pillowcases, blankets and comforters and replace them with a design that represents Christmas.

Here at Uratex, we not only settle for your comfort, health, and product satisfaction, but we also want to make sure that you remain happy with everything that’s related to foam mattresses. It may be hard to imagine what else you can possibly add to the already-complete satisfaction that the product gives, but believe it or not, aesthetic design IS another way in which it can add pleasure to you.

So that’s why I’m going to motivate you a little bit. See those beds with Christmas designs? There’s just really a different brilliance to it, right? Well, that’s why you should indeed have a very merry Uratex Christmas. Santa, Rudolph and the Reindeers, Elves, pine trees, snowflakes, — whatever the designs are about, have a Merry Christmas-y slumber. And as you wait for Santa in Christmas Eve, go ahead and enjoy your aptly-themed Christmas bed! Merry Christmas from Uratex!