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Uratex Philippines: Helping Kids Sleep Better at Night One Bed at a Time

Bedtime stories are no longer putting kids to sleep. These days, toddlers and young teens are nodding off to the TV, game consoles or YouTube. Clearly, for kids today, sleeping isn’t such a cool thing anymore.

Those z’s don’t come easy. Based on a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, children aged six to 10 sleep for an estimated 8.9 hours when experts recommend 10 to 11 hours of restful sleep each night. As kids get older, the hours they spend on sleeping gradually decrease. The research also found rather alarming statistics on kids’ sleep—more than 70% of children aged six to 17 have at least one electronic device by their bed while they try to drift off.

Helping kids sleep better has become a challenge. In a modern world with so much tension and a little too much distraction, parents constantly find ways to help kids have a good night’s sleep. More than the obvious health benefits, a good sleep also helps a child stay alert in school and focus better. Quality sleep also keeps kids from whining and throwing tantrums all day long.

Uratex Philippines as an Advocate
for Children to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Uratex Philippines as an Advocate

At the opening ceremony with Ms. Abigail Cabaltera
and Ms. Marvey Alcantara from Uratex Philippines
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Last February 27, 2016, the graduating Interior Design students of the Holy Spirit College renovated the pre-school dorm of Hospicio de San Jose. Uratex Philippines supported the effort through a donation of mattresses and cushions, knowing that it would help to surround kids with comfortable and fluffy beds and pillows.

Comfortable and fluffy beds

Make bedtime a great experience

It is important to make extra effort to make bedtime a great experience. The bedroom must be clean and well-designed. In short, the child’s room must be conducive to sleep, with special attention to temperature and lights. Uratex went beyond just donating the mattresses and cushions—these bedrooms have been transformed into havens for the children to get enough rest so they can face life’s challenges.

Helping your kid sleep better today

You as Our Partner
In Making Better Sleep Happen for the Children

Making Better Sleep Happen

Photo courtesy of Marcus Kwan via Flickr, Creative Commons

Uratex’s advocacy for better sleep goes further by acknowledging the vital role parents play in making sure their kids receive adequate rest. As an advocate for your child’s more restful sleep, how can you create an environment that lulls your little one to sleep right away?

  • Supervise your children’s gadget usage and exposure to electronic devices. A study further revealed that 75% of children are allowed to use technology in their bedroom. The result, of course, is more sleep-deprived children.
  • Kids today have two hours less of unstructured time, which is designed to help them release stress and sleep better at night. Your kid may already be too tired being competitive, so learn to let go.
  • Watch the kids’ “sneaky caffeine” intake. While coffee is a sure win, caffeine can also be found in sodas and other drinks such as milkshakes that kids love. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine showed how caffeine consumption can disrupt sleep even when taken six hours before bedtime.
  • Sleep apnea in children is particularly on the rise. It could also be a sign of respiratory problems and weight mismanagement. Sleep technology can help. You may track your kid’s sleep with a wristband, bedroom sleep monitor or a sleep app.
  • The child’s bedroom must also exude a restful ambience. Make some small changes to create a more relaxing environment for bedtime, like installing glow-in-the-dark stickers or a night light.
  • Finally, you must choose the right mattress for your kids. Consider the size, height, and quality. You can consult with Uratex Foam Philippines for the latest in children’s mattress technology.

Children’s mattress technology

At Uratex, we never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep especially for children, and so should you, dear parents and guardians. We reach out to parents as partners in our mission to bring better sleep to the little ones. Quality sleep will help your child perform better in school, manage his emotions, and socialize better. The physical, emotional, and intellectual effects of sleep disruption are real and may reflect later in life. Prepare your child for a balanced and healthy life ahead by helping your kid sleep better today.