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“URATEX Presents!” The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Pillow


Pillows are marvelous creations. That they are an essential tool for healthy sleep should convince you of their greatness. But aside from their usefulness, pillows can rejuvenate your home’s look by its varying sizes and stuffing. You can choose from the long cylindrical cushions to their cute, square, and tiny counterparts. And if you’re more concerned about function than design, then you also have the option to choose the stuffing that vary from foam, feather, or cotton.

Here at URATEX, we want you to get pillows that are more than just “okay”. We want you to have the best, so read on further and observe our checklist for the perfect pillow. Prepare to say goodbye to your stiff necks and awkward sleeping positions! Let’s get started!

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The Perfect Pillow must Define the Word “Comfortable”

If you’re familiar with the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, you’ll remember the part where Goldilocks had a hard time sleeping on Papa Bear’s and Mama Bear’s beds because the former was “too hard” while the latter was “too soft”. Fortunately, she was able to sleep on Baby Bear’s bed because “it was just right”.

How is this children’s story related to looking for the best pillow? To the fact that the main character was only able to find peaceful sleep after finding the ideal bed, which can also be said for pillows. The lesson? We have all different preferences when it comes to coziness, so always go for the pillow type that you find most comfortable personally.


The Perfect Pillow must be Adjustable

We may be in our most comfortable position by the time we fall asleep, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stay that way for the rest of the night. We’ll toss and turn as the night progresses, and if we want our morning to be great, our pillows should be able to adjust and conform to whatever position our unconscious bodies switch to.

There are three kinds of sleepers in general, and the following are the appropriate pillow positions that will perfectly accommodate each sleeping position.

  • Sleeping on the side: Prefer to sleep on your side? Invest on pillows that support the head and neck so that the spine will maintain its natural position.
  • Sleeping on the back: For people who regularly sleep on their back, opt for thin pillows to avoid those surprise stiff necks in the morning.
  • Sleeping on the stomach: Can’t sleep unless you lay flat on your stomach? Again, you should go for relatively flat pillows.so your neck won’t be stretched too far back and cause unnecessary pains.


The Perfect Pillow must Keep the Spine in its Natural Alignment

The human neck is one of the most fragile parts of our anatomy, especially since it curves slightly forward to sustain the weight of the head. If the height of the pillow is too high when sleeping, the neck is bent abnormally – causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders. This may cause narrowing of the air pipe, which leads to obstructed breathing or snoring.

Apparently, not all pillows will aid in your quest for quality sleep. Based on the average body measurements, the perfect pillow must maintain a height of 4 to 6 inches and should properly support the head, neck and even the shoulders when lying on the back.

Everyone wants long, comfy, uninterested sleep after coming home after a stressful day. And if you have the perfect pillows to match your URATEX bed mattress, it won’t be surprising that you’ll sleep like a baby all night, every night.

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