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Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop: Nurturing Wellness with Healthy Sleep

Uratex Sleep Workshop Promotes Wellness

U+1 Sleep Workshop Promotes Wellness Through Healthy Sleep
Theater and TV actor JC Santos enjoys the Senso Memory Extra Mattress
Photo courtesy of @uratex_ph via Instagram

Everyone knows how important sleep is. But unlike other human basic needs such as food and shelter, many people often take it for granted. Those who work long hours shortchange themselves on sleep to get more things done. They wonder why they still feel sluggish and stressed out even if they work out regularly and eat a healthy diet. When it comes to overall wellness, everything actually boils down to healthy sleep.

This is the key takeaway from the U+1 Sleep Workshop organized by Uratex Philippines held at the Ronac Lifestyle Center in Magallanes, Makati City on November 29. The event gathered some TV and social media personalities in the country for an afternoon of discovery of the essential things needed for better sleep.

Tips and tricks for healthy sleep

Uratex Sleep Workshop Tips and Tricks

Wellness coach Dr. Marco Escareal talks about making important lifestyle choices
Photo courtesy of @chuckiedreyfus via Instagram

Dr. Marco Escareal, founding president of the National Wellness Institute of the Philippines, gave an enlightening talk on making lifestyle choices to achieve high levels of wellness: sleeping better, moving more, and eating healthy.

“Prioritize sleep—it’s that simple,” said Dr. Escareal about his most important advice for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. He shared an effective way to make healthy sleep a priority in your life: setting the alarm as a reminder when it’s time to sleep rather than use it to wake you up.

Renowned hairstylist Lourd Ramos tries out the Orthocare Bliss

Uratex Sleep Workshop Beauty is Integral

Photo courtesy of @lourdramos via Instagram

Beauty is also an integral part of wellness. Healthy sleep starts with looking good and feeling good. Hair care expert Lourd Ramos discussed the different beauty rituals before going to bed and after waking up.

Your eating habits also affect your ability to sleep well. At the U+1 Sleep Workshop, Elnath De Leon of The Lunchbox Diet, one of the event partners of Uratex, explained what it means to eat healthy. She stressed the importance of watching what you eat before you hit the sack for a good night’s sleep.

A Sweet Cottage, an events styling company, gave a brief talk on using essential oils to promote healthy sleep.

Uratex Premium Mattresses: your partner for healthy sleep

The event also showcased innovative sleep technologies of Uratex Orthopaedic Premium Mattresses that include the Premium Touch, Senso Memory, and Orthocare Collections.

“At Uratex, we are your sleep specialists. We are committed to enhancing your life with better sleep through our Uratex Premium Mattresses,” said Sales Director Stephen Lee.

The Premium Touch Collection adjusts to body movements for a relaxed and comfortable sleep, thanks to its advanced pocket spring system. The Senso Memory Collection offers comfort and cooling ability with its heat-absorbing Hydragel technology, perfect for those who cannot sleep well in warmer temperatures. The Orthocare Collection provides superior back support and cooling effect with its Tencel fabric. It’s the only product lineup in the country approved by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association.

Some of the workshop attendees shared their experience using Uratex Premium Mattresses.

Uratex Sleep Workshop Attendees

Photo courtesy of @gretsfullido via Instagram

TV anchor and host Gretchen Fullido is ecstatic about her new sleep buddy. “For a change, I’m treating myself to something relaxing this Christmas, which I believe is also a great investment! The Senso Memory Foam cradles my body and has a cooling effect because of the Hydragel beads within the foam!”

“I had my mattress custom made to a California King because since I was a kid, my parents and I have been sleeping on a king-sized bed,” she added.

Actor and lifestyle blogger Chuckie Dreyfus has this to share on his blog: “All our mattresses at home have been Uratex for the longest time. My wife and my son both suffer from scoliosis. The slightest mistake in position while sleeping can lead to severe pain. That’s why I am so thankful that Uratex came up with its line of Orthopaedic Premium Mattresses.”

Why healthy sleep is important, according to celebs

Extended work hours and sleep deprivation are common in showbiz, and people in the entertainment industry consider sleep a luxury. Still, others see it as a necessity. Celebrities who attended the U+1 Sleep Workshop shared their thoughts on healthy sleep.

Suzi Abrera, TV host: “Sleep is important because it regenerates our cells. It also rebuilds and heals your muscles (especially if you’re justifyworking out), so you’ll be stronger.”

Gretchen Fullido: “When you have good sleep, you glow from within. Your energy level is high, and your brain is functioning well. Most importantly, you look and feel your best, and other people can see that.”

Dominic Roque, actor and model: “I need good sleep to recover from stress and fatigue from my tapings, shootings, and workouts.”

IC Mendoza, actor and host: “I make sure to sleep for 6 to 8 hours because I work in showbiz and run a PR company. A good mattress is very crucial for me to get good sleep and function well throughout the day.”

A wake-up call to improve sleep habits

Uratex Sleep Workshop Improve Healthy Sleep

Photo courtesy of @rodelflordeliz via Instagram

According to the bloggers who attended the U+1 Sleep Workshop, the Uratex event was their much-needed wake-up call to get better sleep. It made them rethink their poor sleep habits and strengthened their resolve to improve them.

To encourage other people to follow suit, they shared what they learned from the workshop on their respective blogs and social media posts.

“I used to think that sleeping for 8 hours is a big waste of time and a big hindrance to my productivity. Thank you, Uratex Philippines, for showing me how quality sleep is important for my overall well-being,” said lifestyle blogger Paul Riyadh Chuapoco.

“Just when you thought you’re already a sleep expert, but then you realize you’re not—this is what I’ve felt when I attended the recent U+1 Sleep Workshop. There are still a lot of sleep hacks I needed to know. At the workshop, I was able to learn a few tricks on how I could sleep better,” said media practitioner and blogger Rodel Flordeliz.

For travel and lifestyle blogger Ruth dela Cruz, the workshop reinforced her mindset about sleep. “It is comforting that the recent event hosted by Uratex supports my belief about good sleep,” she said.

To learn more about the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop, watch the video highlights of the event here: