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Warranty for Mattresses – Is It Worth It?

Tendered by manufacturers or dealers, a warranty is a written guarantee that can help protect you from defects in things you buy for a certain period of time. For mattresses, warranty period ranges mostly from 10 to 30 years, unlike regular home appliances such as toaster ovens or washing machines which only have one to two years of warranty length.

Mattresses come in different types, sizes, and warranties - is a long warranty period commensurate to the quality of a mattress?

Is this an indication that mattresses are more prone to general deterioration in comfort or normal wear and tear? Are there more flaws that users will be encountering along through the years? Is warranty for mattresses really worth the premium that you have to pay? Well, let’s find out.

Your mattress non-negotiables

First, we enumerate the qualities that make mattresses appeal to your use: cleanliness, comfort, and support. Most likely, these are the same criteria that would make you replace your mattress. In case one of these factors does not fulfill your satisfaction any longer, you may think that you can have your mattress replaced as it’s still under the warranty time specified.

However, you have to know that across the board, no mattress warranty covers stains on the mattress cover; the manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of cleanliness. The manufacturer is not the laundry shop.

Read the fine print

Second, read along the warranty guidelines to check your warranty policy in writing. When you study it in detail, you will learn that support and comfort are also not stated in scope, since body impressions and softening of foam layers are mere natural results of normal wear and tear.

Given this, warranty length does not necessarily correlate with mattress durability. It’s not safe to assume that the length of the warranty is tantamount to the number of years the mattress will last in perfect condition (before its comfort and/or support begins to sag levels down).

Simply put, mattress warranties promise replacement or repair of your mattress only if you have issues with material or workmanship. This includes things like defect in stitching and construction of material layers, height of the foam (should stay within a certain distance of their original height), and broken springs or open seams.

Uratex Premium Touch Cozy Latex mattress provides an exceptional level of comfort and a guarantee of its quality with a 15-year warranty.

Quality guaranteed

As you may observe, not many household items provide warranties as favorable and advantageous as mattresses. This is because bed mattress warranties covers very basic items ensured by the manufacturer  (e.g. the stitching won’t pull out of the ticking, the springs won’t fail, and the memory foam won’t collapse) within the specified warranty period. In fact, less than 1% of overall mattresses are returned or replaced due to warranty failures. It may be the case that you won’t actually return your mattress during its lifetime, so it’ s not worth it to pay a hefty premium for a long warranty period. Look for mattresses with guaranteed quality and a trusted brand instead.