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Four Ways to Keep Your Bed Mattress Clean

We all know that we have to keep our bed clean. And what we often do is clean the dust that surrounds the bed and replace the bedding every once in a while. This is good and all but you should never forget to clean the bed mattress as well! After all, it’s still part of the bed (in fact, it is the main component of a bed). What can we do to keep our bed mattress clean? Here are four simple ways:

Make sure that your mattress not only looks and feels good, but is also clean and dirt-free!

#1 – Protect it right from the start

From the moment you purchase your bed mattress, you definitely want to consider buying a mattress cover. This not only keeps the dust mites away but it also protects the mattress from food and water spills. This might help eliminate the need to clean the mattress itself. Remember, the mattress covering is NOT the same as a bed sheet.

#2 – Vacuum it every once in a while

There’s no better way to clean it than with a vacuum cleaner. The thicker your bed mattress is, the more likely the need for you to use a vacuum. Of course, that also means that you’ll have to use a more powerful vacuum cleaner.

#3 – Don’t forget the pillow as well

One of the primary source of dust is from the dead skin cells of your body. Although your bed may be protected, don’t forget that dust can still accumulate in your pillow so don’t forget to clean the pillows as well.

#4 – Optimize the room temperature

The more humid the room is, the more likely that bacteria will begin to settle and grow in certain areas of your bed. A humid room is also not conducive to sleeping. Consider maintaining your room at the normal room temperature. Even if the weather outside is hot, opening the window is not such as bad idea on a warm sunny day as this will let air circulate better.