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Ways to Ensure Sweet & Sound Sleep Outside of Home

There are times when you have to sleep outside of home. I’m not talking about being homeless, of course. But there are circumstances wherein you need to sleep in the house of  your relatives, friends, and even in the office sometimes, right? It can even be for something recreational, like when you go camping. But whatever the occasion is and wherever or whenever the sleepover will happen, can you be sure that you’ll have a sweet and sound sleep?

Make Uratex Fold-A-Mattress your bed away from home. This portable mattress is lightweight, comfortable, and comes in many designs!

Why can’t you sleep?

There are many factors that affect the quality of our sleep. Firstly, there are the audible factors. It could be that you’re more comfortable with utter silence. Maybe you prefer drifting to sleep with classical music playing softly. Maybe you like being lulled to sleep by rock music instead, or the sound your loud neighbors. I don’t know your preferences are exactly, but know that you are probably used to a certain setting of sound every time you sleep.

Another factor is the temperature of the room that you’re sleeping in. Most people find it easier to slumber under the covers when it’s cold, but other prefer the temperature to be warm and toasty while they sleep. It’s a challenge to adjust to a different temperature when you’re not sleeping in your own house.

Then there’s the tangible aspect, and this includes having the right bed, pillow, blanket and/or comforter. The preferred sleeping position also varies among people, and when sleeping outside of home, your position can sometimes be hampered by the size of the bed or the number of people you have to share it with. However, to ensure the soundness of your sleep outside of your home, the one major factor that outweighs the others is the tangible aspect — it’s very difficult to get past the rock-hard bed under your back, the lumpy pillow that supports your head, or the course blanket that covers your body.

It’s your bed away from home

One easy way to bring your bed’s comfort to you is by bringing a portable mattress – preferably one made of foam. Of course, if your own mattress in your room isn’t a foam mattress, I suggest you go and get one. But by bringing a portable foam mattress, you’ll be able to experience the comfort and perks of having any foam mattress, plus, it’s portable! The best thing about foam is that it’s extremely lightweight — even a cotton futon would be heavier. Since foam is structurally firm, it can be folded into three equal parts so that you can carry and store it neatly. Isn’t that nice? Well, that’s what Uratex has done for you.

Uratex has come up with the Fold-A-Mattress – one of their many portable products which allow you to sleep peacefully outside of home. Imagine bringing this lightweight marvel-of-a-mattress instead of a cotton futon which is bulky and hard to pack and fold. The Fold-A-Mattress is already segmented for your convenience, and being of polyfoam, every square inch of the mattress is made to support your sleeping needs.