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Uratex Sofa Bed Magic: 6 Ways to Convert an Extra Room

Not everyone can afford a guest room. It is a luxury in the age of condominiums and small apartments. But that should not stop you from having friends and family over especially this Christmas when everyone can’t seem to get enough of parties and get-togethers. During the holidays, you have to make room for more people.

convert an extra room

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

In the Philippines, for example, where people start Christmas celebrations as soon as “ber” months begin, you would find most houses all set with holiday home designs as early as September. House parties are also very common as most reunions are scheduled during this time of the year. And with the brand of Filipino hospitality, it is common practice that homeowners offer guests to stay for the night. Having an extra room surely comes in handy in a Filipino home design.

With proper planning, you can transform any space into an extra room—including the living room, which has one of the biggest square footage at home. Know how to transform your living room into an instant bedroom this Christmas without tearing down walls with sofa bed tricks right in your living room. Here’s how you can do it.

The sofa bed solution

Perhaps the easiest and most practical solution is ditching the usual three-seater couch with a sofa bed. This dual-purpose furnishing is the best answer to limited space because they can be used as a regular sofa during the day and a bed at night.

the sofa bed solution

Form and function, this is the promise of the Uratex Grandis Modular Sofa Bed.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Folding sofa beds now come in very chic and stylish designs like the Grandis Modular Sofa Bed. It complements modern living spaces very well with its nude color scheme and fabric. The sofa bed has a sleek design and can be converted to a chaise lounge with just an ottoman. And as a bonus, the ottoman can function as a coffee table during the day.

Sofa beds also come in varying thickness and length, so whatever your preferences are, there’s definitely a perfect sofa bed for you. These comfortable sofa beds are also made of firm quality foam to give everyone a pleasurable seating and sleeping experience.

Accessorize in holiday cheer

In order for the living room to look like a guest room when it has to be, focus on the small details. Sure, sofa beds can do the trick but you would need to accessorize with pillows.

accessorize in holiday cheer

Relax at the comfort of your home with Uratex Comfort and Joy Sofa Bed.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Throw in a plushy fleece blanket for cold nights to up your holiday home design. Don’t forget to put a lamp on the side table, which can easily pass for a nightstand. If you want to be thematic, you can accessorize with the colors and prints of Christmas.

However, if you’re the type who doesn’t really want to bother accessorizing, the Uratex Comfort and Joy Sofa Bed, with its fun design, is perfect for you. It also has thicker foundation for better sitting and sleeping experience.

Invest on comfort

invest in comfort

Save space comfortably with the Uratex Airlite Futon.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Some sofa beds are designed to be pull-outs. What can do is add a portable mattresses that you can easily tuck away and store in the cabinet like the Uratex Airlite Futon. It’s a fold-up type of sleep care buddy designed for easy storage and easy carrying. It also ideal for limited spaces.

You can fill the gaps with pillows and invest on quality bedding. You may also want to use quality sheets and linen to make your guests feel so comfortable they’d think they spent the night in a nice hotel.

Double decker sofa

In your living room, you want two things: comfort and function. You can enjoy both by being more creative about your living room design ideas. And by creative, we mean exploring your DIY options.

double decker sofa

Go on with your DIY idea with the flexible Uratex Neo Sofa Bed.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Take several wood pallets and design your own double-decker sofa. When you’re done, you have an instant sofa bed or daybed. The best thing about this is you can utilize the bottom portion as another pull-out bed or additional storage. You can use a sofa bed as compact as the Uratex Neo Sofa Bed. Its design fits perfectly in most rooms such as studios, dorms, and condominiums.

Hide it away

If you don’t like the idea of setting up the guest room right in the middle of the living room, you can hide your sofa bed away in a separate nook in one corner of the living room instead. After all, there is always that one corner that you don’t know what to do with.

hide it away

Get a sleek and convertible addition to your living room with the Uratex Cosmo Sofa Bed.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A simple floor-length and ceiling-mounted curtain is a good way to section off extra guest space. During the day, you can open it up so guests can use it. But at night, you can cover up to give the guest more privacy in his temporary bedroom. The Uratex Cosmo sofa bed is perfect for this set up because of its contoured and rounded finish. Its chic design is further enhanced by the Dobby fabric in modern neutral colors.

Surprise with a wall bed

For small homes, a bed tucked in a wall is a pleasant surprise. You can do this practically on any wall. If you decide to have a wall bed in the living room, just make sure there are no furniture pieces blocking its way. In the morning, it can be like a regular wall mural or even a work desk. But at night, a comfortable bed drops out of it.

surprise with a wall bed

Freely turn the Uratex Strata Sofa Bed from a couch by day to a sleeping space at night.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

If you prefer this design, you can use your sofa bed as mattress with the perfect thickness. The Uratex Strata Sofa Bed is a good fit with its smooth velvet fabric combined with high-quality foam with medium firmness.

There are many ways in which you can utilize your sofa bed especially during the holidays when sleepovers are common. The ultimate space-savers, these sofa beds for everyday use can be relied on to turn your living room into an extra room for your guests. It’s up to you to dress it up so it so you can celebrate the best Filipino Christmas this year with friends and family. So if you’re left with only one choice of furnishing, go for the very practical and flexible sofa bed.