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When’s the Best Time to Replace your Bed Foam?

Bed Foam

People consider having to buy new mattresses expensive and a chore, putting it off until the mattress situation gets really, really awful. While we agree that it can be pretty tedious work, your efforts will be paid off by nights of high-quality sleep for many more years to come. Not only that, you could also be potentially protecting your health! If you are unsure when to replace your bed foam, here are a few factors to help you determine when it’s time for a new one.


Foam mattresses can last for many years if properly handled. The longer you use the same mattress, the more comfortable it usually gets. Nothing lasts forever though, so unless you had your mattress voodoo-ed it will soon outlive its prime and become worn and torn. The mattress industry strongly recommends that you replace your mattress every 8 – 10 years if used constantly. The ones in your guest bedroom, if not used regularly, can last much longer.

Physical Deterioration

But time is not the only factor. Over the years, your mattress will begin to show physical signs of deterioration. Your bed foam may have bumps, lumps, sags, or tears that aren’t always visible, especially under the covers. A close inspection every couple of months or when you change the covers should alarm you of any indications of how soon it should be replaced.

Abundance of Allergens

Another indication is if you feel any symptoms of health deterioration. It’s nothing too serious, but an old mattress may become a breeding ground for certain allergens such as dust mites, dead skin cells, body fluids, or even bed bugs.

Dust mites in particular will have a great time living in your old mattress, as they are regularly fed with your dead skin cells and kept warm with your body heat. The dirt that accumulates over the years may also contribute to you having breakouts of acne or skin rashes. Vacuuming regularly will help but only to a certain extent, as there are no other effective ways to completely clean a mattress.

Your body has changed

We get old. We can gain or lose weight, and sometimes our preferences just change over time. Simply put, your choice of mattress then may have drastically changed over the years. Your body now might not be supported well enough anymore, and we all know that a healthy spine alignment is important when it comes to sleep. Besides, wouldn’t you rather try out something new and consider that perhaps it might be even better than the mattress you already have?

You might not realize it at first, but if you find yourself constantly lethargic, uncomfortable, and irritable even after a full night’s sleep, your bed foam might be the culprit causing it. Toss out the old one and start checking out the market for your new bed foam.

Never mind that it can be a little expensive – go into the mattress store with a realistic budget in mind and consider your new mattress as an investment, paying you off by giving you the best nights of your life. Sleep well and sweet dreams!