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Why Bedtime Stories Help Kids Sleep Better

Ever met a kid who doesn’t get excited at the thought of bedtime stories before sleeping at night?  I even know some adults who would occasionally wish that they could go back to their early days so they could, once again, experience the joy and peace that bedtime stories caused within their hearts. There’s something really peculiar about bedtime stories, and today, we shall try to find out the reasons behind the appeal of these nighttime activities.

Last May 2010, an organization called sleepbetter.org had their survey that tired to discover how much more sound a child would sleep when they have bedtime stories before lights out.  The survey concluded that a high percentage of parents said that bedtime stories led their children to a deeper and more comfortable sleep. Parents testified that it was a significantly better activity than simply letting their kids stay in front of a television.

Bedtime Stories

Many experts say that a child’s imagination is at its most active from two to seven years old.  One parents said that her child can imagine herself eating just by holding a spoon and fork. Maybe a pacifier triggers the same kind of imagination, which can keep a kid busy without making any mess. Usually, this kind of gesture helps the infant to eventually fall asleep.

The activity of bedtime stories requires maximum imagination, which means that a child requires to be fully invested in the moment. Each page persuades a specific picture that a child would form in his mind. For example, kids do love the story of “The Three Little Pigs” because they find fun in visualizing the sight of three pigs building houses made up of different kinds of material. The words of the book supply the characters and the story, but it’s the imagination of the child that gives it color, movement, and a sense of wonder. Such stories could result in a child’s more comfortable sleep because it gives them a fulfilled feeling and a peace of mind when they reach “The End”.

Some experts even say that, sometimes, the story finds a way to continue through the form of dreams. Maybe that further explains why kids can’t wait for their bedtime story; it’s almost as if they serve as a plotline for their next dream. So, the next time your kids want to sleep soundly without having to worry about any nightmares, treat them to a nice, blissful bedtime story.