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Why People Can’t Fall Asleep

So there you are, getting ready to go to bed. It has been a long day. You probably came from work, where you spent the whole day concocting complicated reports in front of the computer. Or perhaps you’re a student who just came from school after a stressful day of reading books and listening to presentations. You enter your bedroom, celebrating in the fact that it’s finally time for some soothing, restful sleep. When you finally lie down, you find yourself repetitively turning from one side of the bed to the other.  After a frustrating hour of tossing and turning, you realize the fact that you can’t fall asleep. How can you not fall asleep after the tiring day you just had?

Can't Fall AsleepStress is the most common cause.

To be able to go snooze your way to a dream, you need to be able to calm down not just your body, but your mind as well. If constant thoughts are running through your head, it will be hard for you to fall asleep. If you keep pondering about your problems, you’ll never find yourself in the desired state of snooze you’re longing for. I remember a section from my past where I was unhappy with my job. I regret the precious nightly hours I’ve wasted just worrying about what will happen the next day. It left me with sleep-deprived weeks, which actually decreased the quality of my performance at work! How do you counter this? Make sure that you don’t turn your bed into a place of pondering. It would be best to maybe sit down first and reflect on anything, everything… before you go to bed. When finally at peace, feel free jump into bed and fall asleep.

Your body might not yet be ready.

Now maybe you aren’t much of a thinker at all. Maybe your mind is one of peace and Zen. But you still spend your nights with eyes that refuse to doze off. Maybe it’s because of the fact that your body is actually refusing to sleep yet. If you’ve slept in the middle of the day, this might have moved your body clock back by a few hours. Or maybe you exercised right before you lied down on your bed, preventing you from being able to fall asleep. In order to avoid circumstances like these, make sure you don’t mess with your body clock. Avoid extra long naps in the middle of the day; reserve your rest for the night.

You are distracted.

People Who Claim to be Insomniacs

People Who Claim to be Insomniacs

What are you sleeping next to? Do you have a PSP which you play in order to tire yourself out? Is your phone still within arm’s reach? Or maybe you have an iPad beside you, tempting you to browse the web? Well, with these next to you, your brain is actually confused whether you really want to sleep or not. All of these are items which extend your activities from your room to your bed. I remember one time where I was trying to sleep early because I had a job interview the next day. I was just reading some articles on my iPod Touch while I was on my bed when I realized I couldn’t fall asleep. So I just continued reading, and reading and reading. Needless to say, I ended up dazed and groggy. And though I survived the interview, my body was crying for sleep.

So maybe it’s time you put the bed to its proper use. The bed is, above all, a pla