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Why Too Much Sleep is Bad Too

They say that too much of anything is bad, and sleep is no exception. Though sleep is part of our natural daily processes, it must be regulated in the right manner. A failure to follow these processes would surely result to consequences. In fact, it can actually lead to different medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. It could also result to a condition known as hypersomnia, which can be described as having excessive amounts of sleepiness. Here are some problems that can be associated with oversleeping.

Excessive Weight Gain

This actually is quite logical. By sleeping longer, you are unable to use the energy you’ve been gaining through the consumption of food. Because of this, you consistently gain weight with every extra hour you spend sleeping. Excessive and continuous oversleeping, coupled with an inactive lifestyle, could lead to obesity.

Too Much Sleep

Back Pains

Staying too long on your back will definitely bring you problems. And when you oversleep, you’re on your back for an additional number of hours. Though sleep can be a great solution to back pain, regular exercise is needed as well. If you have scoliosis or constant back spasms, you should consider becoming more active. So don’t spend too much time on the bed!

Negative Effect on Lifestyle

What do you usually feel when you sleep too much? Maybe, on the first day, it could be quite relaxing. When you continue for a second day, you could feel like you’re recovering all the sleep you’ve lost in the past. But what happens if this continued for several more days? I’m sure you’re going to wake up feeling sluggish, with a heavy body and parts that refuse to move. As the days pass, you won’t anymore be as efficient in performing normal functions.

In fact, oversleeping has negative effects on more practical activities. Because of oversleeping, you’re most likely going to be unable to wake up early for work or school. You’re also going to be unable to meet deadlines. After all, by spending too much time asleep, you’re taking time off from being effective while awake.

In the end, this will still actually be about time management. Are you going to be a sleepy sluggard, or would you rather be awake and functioning?