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Myth or Fact: Showering When Sleepy Impairs Eyesight

Showering, in general, serves a whole lot of health benefits. Whether you use hot or cold water, it will leave you refreshed and de-stressed after stepping out of the shower. Your hair looks shinier, you skin feels softer and your muscles simply feel loose. Ultimately, you feel relaxed. These are just some of the obvious benefits of a good shower. But, besides the good things that showering can offer, can it also have bad effects on our body?

Is It Okay To Take a Shower When Sleepy?

We often relate showering to sleep. Do people shower in preparation for sleeping or, do they shower to avoid feeling sleepy? Whatever the case is, people still do it. So, will your eyes be damaged if you shower while in a state of sleepiness and stress? This article shall prove or disprove that myth.

showering while sleepy

So far, there are no certain studies correlating the human eyes to showering, whether it is a benefit or a bad effect. Universally, showering is a good thing. A couple of minutes in the comfort room and you will step out clean and fresh! Personally, I do not feel that there is a harmful threat in showering. One sign of sleepiness is the presence of heavy eyelids, and some people think that if they get wet it, will have a bad effect on our sight.

Good news sleepy heads, your eyes are safe!

Visual impairment is usually caused by injuries during teen years, or simply by a birth condition, like Congenital Blindness. It is a type of visual impairment that can either be inherited by the child, or acquired through an infection. There are other conditions (not injuries) that can contribute to visual impairment, such as Amblyopia. Here is a condition where the vision is reduced due to lack of use of the eye in the early years. Infancy is the most critical stage in a child’s development. When a cell is not being used, it simply dies and may not be repaired. In this case, if eyes are not used by the infant, the cells connecting it to the brain will die.

In some cases, cloudy build-ups called Cataracts form around or on a part of the lens of the eye. Light will be difficult to pass through, causing loss of vision partially or completely. Another condition that could impair eyesight is called Glaucoma. Its damage is mostly found in the optic nerve, which is caused by increased pressure put inside the eye.

The above mentioned causes of impaired eyesight are definitely on a medical note. Taking a shower is nowhere near those conditions. So if you are feeling sleepy but still want to get into a hot or cold shower, don’t fret. Go and take the bath you need! Just avoid getting soap or shampoo in your eyes. Now that will definitely irritate your eye.

Happy Showering!