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A to Zzz: 5 Everyday Stuff that Can Influence Your Dreams

bed foam 12No matter how smoothly and soundly you sleep on your warm and comfy bed foam, your dreams will somehow always be affected by various factors both internal and external. Your brain is well-trained to incorporate it all in your subconscious; no need for you to worry about your beauty rest getting abruptly cut short. Still, some of these seemingly innocent things can turn even your most pleasurable fantasies into blood-curling nightmares, though others have the opposite effect. Best if you know them all for you to enjoy good sleep, starting with these:

bed foam 7Antidepressants

Despite their ability to calm you down and reduce your depression, antidepressant medicines like Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft can also turn your dreams into nightmares. According to a specialist, people who take these pills frequently experience more intense REM bursts than those who don’t, leading to more episodes of nightmares. So if you’re currently taking any medication and experience unpleasant evenings as a result, better consult your doctor and ask for a different prescription.

B6 (Vitamin)

Reports about vitamin B6 affecting a person’s subconscious are reported quite often recently, stating that it helps turn some of the amino acids in our bodies into neurotransmitters that influence our dreaming. Though there’s still no scientific research to back up these stories, it’s proven that stopping your intake of vitamin B6 supplements could reduce periods of vivid dreaming. Doctors also recommend that you don’t overdose yourself with B6 if you want to continue enjoying healthy sleep, as it could cause numbness and nerve damage.

bed foam 9Black-and-White TV

They say about 12% of people experience dreams in black-and-white. It’s probably because they own black-and-white televisions sets or love watching really old school flicks. Take note that we said probably not possibly; there’s yet no fool-proof way to prove that those old TV’s can do that. Still, studies show that people tend to remember their dreams in grayscale rather than color. Expose a person in B&W media for a certain period and they might get hard-wired to recall their dreams without color as well!

bed foam 11Empty Stomach

Going to bed on an empty stomach makes you think of food before you doze off. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you dream about some juicy, meaty burgers or fresh-out-of-the-pan pizzas. Nagged by your stomach, these visions are enough to jolt you out of sleep and urge you to go to the fridge for a few bites. Don’t worry, though; there are lots of healthy snacks to choose from that will not only fill you up, but would also help you get back on your journey to Dreamland.

bed foam 10Spicy Food

But while you’re looking for a midnight snack, best steer clear of those spicy foods in your fridge at all costs! Alongside certain foods, it can cause indigestion, making you sleep uncomfortably and increasing your chances to vividly recall any nightmare you might experience when you go back to bed. As a matter of fact, try avoiding spicy foods during dinner altogether. That way, you can be sure that you’ll have pleasant dreams after.

Our brains have its ways of integrating everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch into our subconscious, producing our nightly dreams (and nightmares). So watch out what it takes in to ensure you enjoy a good sleep every night.